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Composting Bin

By July 21, 2021September 1st, 2021No Comments

In August 2019 we had a Composting Workshop at the neighbourhood house. Many of you asked for it, and we finally organised it! 


A big thank you to our wonderful speaker Daniel Berry – Sustainability Project Officer at Monash City Council, who not only kept things interesting and fun but also donated a wonderful compost bin and worm farm to the neighbourhood house. 

The community is welcome to use the composting bins at the centre. The compost bin is located in the playground area. 

Things that can go in the compost bin include:

  • Grass clippings 
  • Tree leaves 
  • Vegetable food scraps 
  • Black and white newspaper 
  • Printer paper 
  • Most disease-free yard waste

Interested in getting involved or finding out more?

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