Currently seeking volunteers to tutor and mentor community members seeking how to use and engage their computer, mobile phone and /or ipads. Must be knowledgeable within the world of basic computer, mobile phones and ipads; familiarity with different technological devices is preferred. Enthusiasm and patience to introduce and teach newcomers to this technological world is a must.                                         


NHNH is currently looking for local volunteers to work within a range of positions from administration, event management and tutoring to caring for our garden, and mentoring others. In return for your volunteering we offer a supportive and proactive atmosphere whereby you can acquire or finely tune your current skills or interests, particularly beneficial if you are wanting to gain experience towards seeking paid employment. Additionally, even if your paid working life is complete, we have various roles that will enable you to bring your enthusiasm, expertise and assist others to achieve their goals.


Notting Hill Neighbourhood House is a strong, vibrant and engaging community hub. Our vision and mission is to support social inclusion and diversity, social enterprise, community capacity development and life-long learning.

Being are a relatively young Neighbourhood House (8 yrs old), we are continually looking to broaden our strengths, work closely with and respond to community need, interests and developmental goals. While no specialist skills are required for this role, potential candidates would require

  •  an interest in helping in a community organisation
  • a desire to learn about and further the work of Notting Hill Neighbourhood House
  • time to participate in monthly COM meetings (about two- four hours)
  • time to participate in NHNH community events (two – four per event as required)
  • willingness to support staff and volunteers with skills and advice where required
  • desire to be part of a team in a respectful and supportive environment

Please consider becoming a member of NHNH Committee of Management – it is fun, rewarding, you meet like minded people, provides you with new skills and experience while you make a great contribution to your community. The Committee of Management is responsible for NHNH’s governance, ensuring that our organisation meets all legal requirements and remains accountable to funders, stakeholders and the community.

If you’re looking for engaging and community driven work, and feel that your unique skills may compliment and add to our team, please contact us for further details and/or send your resume to coordinator@nottinghillnh.org.au.

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