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2020 Events

Halloween Celebration

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31st October 2020

This year, we had to break from the tradition of hosting an annual Halloween party at the neighbourhood house. Instead, with a little help from our neighbours, we delivered a COVID-safe Halloween to our community.

We had lots of fun decorating our playground for the public to enjoy and hosted an online Halloween-Trivia session for kids in the afternoon. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We would like to extend a big thank you to local neighbours Bre, Jolie, Sophie, David, Xiaoyan and Ayush for help with putting up our spooktacular decorations around the playground.

Another warm thank you to Tanya, for planning and hosting the trivia event, and Inchmeal cafe, for their assistance in giving away pre-packed candy to the little ghouls and ghostlings that visited our playground during the day.


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