Dear all,

In the last twelve months the Notting Hill Neighbourhood House committee has seen renewal in our programs and communications to engage with the diverse community and a new manager was appointed.

A fresh bold look was sought for the logo which would be inclusive and appealing to all members of the Notting Hill and Monash community. The new logo has colours of blue and yellow which represent a mix of trustworthiness and energy. The green symbolises growth and a feeling of relaxation. The angles represent the pitched roof of our neighbourhood house and a sense of purpose.

We hope the new logo resonates with old and new community members. That through all our communications we can reach and engage with as many people as possible and continue to serve the community.

NHNH is open virtually for Term 4 with the current COVID- 19 restrictions. We are offering a host of online activities, classes and events for this term that can be viewed on our Term 4 Time Table. As per the restrictions, we are not holding any classes at our house.

We will keep you informed on our website and social media as situations change.

In response, we have created a WhatsApp group for the Notting Hill Community for all of us to stay connected through these trying times. Join the group here.

This group is open at all ages and to stay appropriate and avoid any harm to anybody, we request you abide by our privacy policy. We hope to see you on chat!

Please join us on facebook to stay updated with our community.

Look forward to seeing you all when this is over. Till then, take care!

Staff and Volunteers and Notting Hill Neighbourhood House

Notting Hill Neighbourhood House is a vibrant neighbourhood house that is devoted to enriching the lives of our diverse community through a variety of programs and services that encourage life long learning and social inclusion.

Established in 2007, we have become a community hub engaging, working with and responding to our growing community.

Join us on social media and always stay updated with our activities.

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