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2022 Events

Intro to Karate Class

By February 7, 2022March 6th, 2022No Comments

Tuesday 4-5 pm, 15th Feb – 15th Mar

And that’s a wrap on the Kids Intro to Karate Workshops led by Sensei Giovanni from Notting Hill Karate School (Battistello Karate School).

Over the course of Mid February to Mid March, Sensei Giovanni hosted a series of FREE Introductory to Karate Classes for kids aged 3-12 years old.

These introductory classes were amazing in giving kids a taste of martial arts training, building motivation, staying disciplined, developing a new skill and the mental health benefits of staying fit!

Are you kids interested in continuing Karate classes? Contact Sensei Giovanni (0420 736 734 or to sign up for regular classes on Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat.


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