Meet our Educators



Georgia is passionate about teaching people to cook. Everyone should be able to cook and use kitchen equipment safely and confidently. My aim is to create a love of cooking in people of all ages and encourage them to continue to discover the adventure of cooking for themselves.

Culinary Kids Club is dedicated to sharing the joy of cooking with children.  Developed for young minds, this innovative and creative cooking venture will enhance children’s natural abilities and curiosity regarding food, cooking and culinary arts.


Kylie has been playing sport since she was a child, rising to an elite level in both equestrian and outrigger canoeing.  She started training to lose weight and be completely fit for an operation and in the process feel in love with powerlifting.  Now she is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

Havago fitness: Developed for those who seek a gentle program. The program helps develop strength, balance, flexibility and endurance through a variety of exercise models such as chair based exercises (no floor work), brisk walking (no jumping or running) and body movements. We all know regular exercise, socialising and being part of a group improves our well-being, so come along, join in the fun and havago!

Jan and her piece fronm Josie's WSJAN: CALLIGRAPHY – FOR ALL LEVELS                               
Jan has been teaching calligraphy for many years, and her own personal practice has extended beyond this. Studying both national and international, Jan has developed her own personal style, and imparts passion and dedication to all her students.

Calligraphy aims to teach students the fundamentals and background of calligraphy, improve their practical calligraphic skills in a supportive learning environment, and apply these skills in a variety of useful applications. Typical projects include bookmarks, distinctive greeting cards, gift boxes and basic book-binding. The student will be able then to use their skills in everyday life and so give enjoyment to others.



Christine has always had a love and appreciation of art and has completed several years of tuition with Melbourne based watercolor artists. She is a past co-convenor and long-time committee member of the annual Mount View Primary School’s Art Show, and has exhibited and sold her own work in various Melbourne and rural Victorian Art Galleries/Exhibitions.

Kids Art: Draw, Sketch and Paint classes offers a fun, creative and encouraging program for children to learn new skills and explore the wonderful world of art – watercolor painting,  various drawing mediums and other art forms.



Anna has studied Fine Arts painting, Graphic Art/Design and Textiles. Currently as a practicing artist, her own works explore the delicacy of creativity, design and innovation. Based within this artistic realm, Anna brings energy and enthusiasm as she assists children to explore and develop their own creative talents and interests.

WEI-LING: YOGAWeiling - Yoga Sml

Hi, my name is Wei-Ling, I’m a yoga teacher. I am passionate about helping others discover yoga. Yoga brings presence to our body, mind and breath. Personally I crawled into my first yoga class 17 years ago with a chronic knee injury. Since then, I’ve been humbled and thankful for the gift of yoga, that’s why I want to share this with others.

Yoga at NHNH is suitable for all levels – first timers to advanced. So come along, let Wei-Ling’s calm demeanor and enthusiasm to share her yoga passion instill and/or renew your mind, body and spirit. 

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As an experienced Primary School teacher and mother of two, I know first-hand just how tricky the transition from ‘Kindie’ to ‘Big School’ can be. Research has also found that a child under 5 years learns at an exponential rate. I have developed the Clever Sprouts Early Learning Program with these two things in mind, and I encourage to you and your child to join in this amazing adventure.

Clever Sprouts is a brain-based learning program for pre-schoolers that teaches social skills, and basic literacy and numeracy skills in a supportive and relaxed environment. The weekly lessons last for  50 minutes, are fast-paced and caters for a variety of personalities, abilities and learning styles.  I would love your child to try out a session on any of our available days.


Joanna, your tutor is patient and incredibly knowledgeable about all things sewing. Through considerate instruction and know-how she passes on her sewing knowledge and experience so that you, the student, have the opportunity to create beautiful sewn crafted objects and clothing.

Sewing Classes at Notting Hill Neighbourhood House is designed to accommodate all levels – from the first time beginner through to more intermediate-advanced students. Come and join others to learn about materials, thread, and the craft of hand and machine sewing.


Come join our smart phone and/or ipad classes. Created as either individual or small groups, these classes will provide you with knowledge, understanding and confidence to be part of and engage with new communication technologies.