Meet our Family/Cultural Groups


Baby Sensory is a multi award winning developmental program for babies aged from birth to 13 months.  All activities are based on research and theory and are designed specifically to develop connections within baby’s brain that help support language, social, emotional, sensory, physical and intellectual learning.  Baby Sensory classes provide ideas for bonding, play, exercise, massage, communication and sleep techniques taught in practical ways that you can repeat at home. The classes are also a great way to meet other parents with babies.


Funky Funhouse Playgroup is an organic styled playgroup which incorporates free-play time with structured activities. This unique playgroup encourages pre-school children to play together, explore and be engaged, while providing space for new and old mums to get together, converse and support one another. In addition to play-time, at different times structured activities will include painting, drawing and lots more (gold coin donation).

We encourage you and your children join our group that supports and encourages child growth, interaction and curiosity.


Originating from Sri Lanka, Mahamevnawa is an organization of meditation monasteries to enable human spiritual development via buddhist teaching. Conducted in Sinhala (Sri Lankan Sinhalese language), and presented by venerable monks, these events include include sutta teaching, buddhist mediation and dhamma sermons.

We welcome everyone to join us and add to your lives.           Namo Buddhava !

2514 MUTHUHARA MELBOURNE CHILDREN’S SOCIETY10388566_342463992619149_6597833639164670759_n

2514 Muthuhara Melbourne is a community based children’s group that promotes Sri Lankan culture, language and children’s hidden talent. This unique group envisions children (spread throughout Melbourne) as the pearls of necklace that both links and spreads to create a beautiful world of universal justice for all.

NOTE: Muthuhara Melbourne are the only group who are linked to the National Television Network of Sri Lanka, Rupavahini.


Telugu Language and Culture Foundation of Australia Inc. (TLCFA) is a community based non-profit organisation. Promotes the Telugu language and Culture to both Telugu and non-Telugu speaking Australians. Also, pursues a range of Cultural and Educational activities and programs aimed at adults, youth, children to bring the community together.

“Together we make a Difference”