Native Plants – Edible and Medicinal

Thursday 28th February | 7.30 – 9.00 pm

We had an absolute blast with bush-tukka expert and educator Cassie Leatham of Wild Blak Arts, when she took us through an incredible journey of different types of edible and medicinal plants found right here, in the Australian bush!

Through the evening Cassie weaved a stream of information and stories about indigenous culture and particularly their relating to Australian native plants.

As a special treat, Cassie brought her possum skin cloak which she uses during foraging for people to touch and feel – it was so soft and beautiful. She also passed around different leaves (from strawberry gum leaves, to minty and lemony myrtles and even succulents like samphire and pigface), and bush-tukka spices for people to taste and smell.

It was a fabulous evening with a lot of laughter and banter. Thank you so much for coming along and helping us make the event such a success!

“Cassie’s passion and bubbly personality was among my favourite things about the event. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”

 “I love how I got to taste everything, and learn how to use them in cooking.”

“It was a fantastic evening. Very informative, interesting and [I] really appreciate the free event. Thank you :)”

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