Pick Your Project

Notting Hill Neighbourhood House is promoting an exciting proposal for the redevelopment of the playground next to the House. We envisage a community BBQ, picnic tables & art installations to encourage families to enjoy our public spaces. We also want to install a raised garden bed that will feature herbs and seasonal vegetables. Surrounding the park we will plant mature fruit trees.

Part of our 2019 community program will be developing gardening, preserving and cooking activities. The trees and vegetable garden will be an important part of these activities. Of course it will look great and be a fantastic feature of the neighbourhood!

Unfortunately this year we were not successful in getting the required number of votes in for the project, but we are still engaging in new activities to create a more green and sustainable neighbourhood for you. These include a workshop on indigenous plants, small space and pot gardening, and two more to come.

Our garden is your garden, and while we have currently placed lots of edible and non-edible plants within the containers of our vertical garden, we invite you bring along and plant your own special seedlings/cuttings, so the garden may reflect the diversity, and culinary tastes of our community. Additionally, please do feel free to come along and grab some mint, rosemary and other herbs to use at home.

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