Sponsored Series

At NHNH we support environmental sustainability and in response to the needs of our community are launching a Gardening in Notting Hill Series.

Supported by Monash Council and Bunnings, this four programme series was designed to unearth new and interesting ways for you to connect with nature, add to our sustainable environment and have more fun in your garden!


Thursday 28th February | 7.30 – 9.00 pm

We had an absolute blast with bush-tukka expert and educator Cassie Leatham of Wild Blak Arts, when she took us through an incredible journey of different types of edible and medicinal plants found right here, in the Australian bush!

Through the evening Cassie weaved a stream of information and stories about indigenous culture and particularly their relating to Australian native plants.

As a special treat, Cassie brought her possum skin cloak which she uses during foraging for people to touch and feel – it was so soft and beautiful. She also passed around different leaves (from strawberry gum leaves, to minty and lemony myrtles and even succulents like samphire and pigface), and bush-tukka spices for people to taste and smell.

“Cassie’s passion and bubbly personality was among my favourite things about the event. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.”

 “I love how I got to taste everything, and learn how to use them in cooking.”

“It was a fantastic evening. Very informative, interesting and [I] really appreciate the free event. Thank you :)”


Thursday 14th March | 7.00  – 8.30 pm

Richard from Sustainable Gardens Australia led the second session in our gardening series brimming with wonderful ideas for our gardens. He shared his expertise and handy tips on organic gardening and how to make the most of tiny spaces as well as shaded/sun-filled areas at home. He also emphasised the importance of gardening to human holistic well-being.

It was a great night enjoyed by our community including those from the hearing impaired community who brought their own translator.

The evening continued with the local community connecting and sharing their garden stories while enjoying a cuppa and light refreshments.

“Very comprehensive overview of small gardening. Loved photos of different gardens. Also great goody bags!”

“Extremely informative, covered a lot of topics.”

“Very informative. Easy to follow up/do things at home.”


Thursday 6th June, 2019 | 7.00 – 8.30pmWe had yet another informative, interactive and fun evening learning with Sustainable Garden’s Richard Rowe about companion gardening and it’s benefits.

Richard condensed years of practice, experience and expertise into a wonderful presentation that covered all the basics of what it takes to be an informed and intuitive companion gardener. We learned about the different types of bugs, the benefits or diseases they bring to different plants, and how to attract or deter them. Richard had a number of strategies that were also passed around in hard copy so that participants could sit back and take all the information in.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this evening a success

The whole thing was great!

“One thing I wold like to improve. My brain’s ability to absorb more info!”

It was fantastic, very informative and an excellent presentation


Thursday 20th June | 7.00  – 8.30 pm

Richard took us through the final session of our gardening series, andtruly saved the best for the last. We learned the difference pest and insects that can be invited in.

Once again he came bearing with notes so that our particpants could sit back and focus on taking all the information in.

Thank you to everyone for coming over and making this event such a success!

If you have some ideas for a workshop you might want (or even would like to conduct one yourself!) do let us know. You can write to us at nhoffice@nottinghillnh.org.au, or just drop by for a chat.

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