Vertical Garden

After many years of work between Community, Notting Hill Neighbourhood House and local Council and Government, we are very pleased to announce your Community Vertical Garden is standing proud and planted.

Our garden is your garden, and while we have currently placed lots of edible and non-edible plants within its containers, we invite you bring along and plant your own special seedlings/cuttings, so the garden may reflect the diversity, and culinary tastes of our community. Additionally, please do feel free to come along and grab some mint, rosemary and other herbs to use at home.

On Saturday 29th of April,  accompanied by community, Cr Josh Fergeus and local state MP Steve Dimopoulos,  local Deputy Mayor Stuart James officially opened our Community Vertical Garden. We would like to send out a special thanks to you the Community, as it was your ideas and inspiration that spear-headed and continued this project, all NHNH staff and in particular local Council and State Government for support and guidance.


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